Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mom, What's Cooking?

Tonight Daddy will be cooking ribeyes on the grill and I will make up coleslaw. I wanted to share the recipe with you below.

Frugal Houswifes Coleslaw

1 Cabbage; shredded

1/4 c Sugar1 c Carrots; shredded

1/2 ts Salt

1/4 ts Pepper

1/2 c Milk1 c Mayonnaise

1/2 c Buttermilk

1/2 ts Celery seed2 dr Tabasco; or to taste

3 tb Onions;

Dry mincedSlice cabbage paper thin, and toss lightly with sugar, shredded carrots.Sprinkle with salt and pepper and drench it all with milk. Cover andrefrigerate for about 15 minutes. Meanwhile, combine mayonnaise (not saladdressing), buttermilk, celery seed, Tabasco and minced onion.Mix well with cabbage mixture.Refrigerate again at least an hour before serving.Drain some of the dressing first and serve it separately at the table. Itkeeps for 24 hours only!!

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